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Warts and corns are often confused because they look almost alike and occur in the same areas of the feet. Even doctors sometimes have to scrape a few layers of skin off to make a diagnosis. Despite similar appearance, they’re completely different. Warts can appear in all other areas of the body, but corns are isolated to the feet.


Warts are caused by the human papilloma virus (HPV), they are highly contagious and can appear in anyone of any age, however they are more likely to appear in children and teenagers.

Nearly all warts are harmless but once they appear on obvious places such as the face or hands, most people will do almost anything to get rid of them.

Conventional treatments offer varying degree of success. Treatments like freezing, burning, shaving or scrapping them out can cause scarring while with others, they may re-grow. In some cases, warts may disappear with time without any treatment.

For those who would like to hurry them along though, homoeopathy can help and in more ways than one.
Corns and common warts may take a few weeks to resolve with salicylic acid chemical treatment; plantar warts may take up to 12 weeks! You must be very patient and persistent.


Corns are thickening of the surface layer of the skin in response to intermittent pressure and friction over prolonged period due to ill fitted foot wear or foot deformity. Corns usually form on the toes, where the bone is prominent and presses the skin against the shoe, ground, or other bones. As corn becomes thick the tissues under the corn and surrounding the deep seated core become most painful. As corns become inflamed, there is pain and sometimes swelling and redness.


The conventional method of treating corns involves surgical removal. But this is not a permanent solution, as corns have a tendency to resurface. Scrapping, digging, freezing corns with a sharp instrument may result in unnecessary injury.

Homeopathy, on the other hand, offers a safe and long-term result in warts and corns. Not only does it sidestep a painful and expensive procedure, but it assures a permanent cure. They do not recur once treated successfully with homeopathy. Painless and effective homeopathic treatment involves only natural medicines taken orally in the form of pills, making it easy to administer. There are absolutely no side-effects.

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