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Often it is through the combination of medical, cosmetic, and laser treatments that the best results are achieved to shed few years in your skin’s appearance to ultimately make your skin look as healthy and youthful as possible.

Combination treatment plans involve all aspects of medical grade skincare and Microdermabrasion, superficial to medium depth Chemical peels to Laser treatments and sometimes even Microneedling and Injections. All these equate to better results in the end, as they have synergistic benefits when done together.

While each cosmetic treatment offers its own benefits, when cosmetic treatments are combined, they are able to produce outstanding results to create a more youthful balanced, naturally beautiful look.

NewAge Aesthetics, skin care clinic tips for radiant skin. Take some time to read the following tips.

If you take good care of your skin, your skin can glow & become few shades lighter.

  • Use olive oil to remove your make up and dirt.
  • Wash your face with a pH balanced face wash, 2-3 times a day.
  • Use a good sunscreen SPF 30+ & above daily every 2- 3 hr.
  • Use a good exfoliating agent, a peel, a face wash or a cream of daily use.
  • Use a good skin lightening agent at night & a good moisturizer.
  • Apply fresh Aloe Vera gel directly from the leaf to your face and neck.
  • Keep your skin and body well hydrated. Drink 3L of water every day.
  • Eat 3 different color fruits everyday
  • Meditate everyday to manage your stress levels.
  • Be happy and spread happiness.

Remember, the best make up one could wear is a healthy glowing skin. It is where our inside meets the outside, because mind and skin are intimately connected. When the body is free of worry and stress, hormone levels remain relatively balanced and the skin looks healthy  and glowing.

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