workshop on chemical peels

One Day Workshop On Chemical Peeling. 

Time: 9am to 2pm.

Limited Seats. 

1 day workshop on Chemical Peels for Doctors, Beauticians, Cosmetologists, Make up artists at NewAge Aesthetics, Andheri(W), Mumbai.

Grow your understanding and knowledge of the skin. Brought to you by one of the industry’s top educators, Dr Manisha Jadhav.

The certificate course includes Anatomy and Physiology of the skin with respect to cosmetic skin conditions, detailed theory of Chemical Peels and peeling, printed notes, live demo and hands on and a demo start up kit for your immediate start up including a bowl, brush, pre peel, nuetraliser, a set of 5 different chemical peels for 10-15 treatments worth Rs.10,000-15,000/-, tea and lunch.

Chemical peeling is a most popular, relatively inexpensive, safe treatment for some skin imperfections and to refresh and rejuvenate skin. They are a mainstay in the cosmetic practice because they can be successfully used to treat some skin disorders and can provide an aesthetic benefit.


  • Treats acne
  • Brightens the skin
  • Lightens unwanted pigmentation
  • Evens out skin tone
  • Increases collagen & elastin
  • Diminishes fine line & wrinkles
  • Lightens acne blemishes and prevents further acne outbreaks
  • Smooth out rough skin

This workshop will focus on Skin anatomy, physiology with respect to cosmetic conditions, different types of peels AHA and BHA, its classification, indications, application, contraindications, number of sessions required, pre care, post care, demo and hands on etc in order to rejuvenate & revitalize the skin.

This course walks you through the fundamentals of aesthetics & latest advanced cosmetology making sure your core foundation of skin care knowledge is solid. With this training you will be able to determine a customer’s skin care needs, make a treatment protocol/recommendation, and visibly improve the skin condition.

The course is aimed at providing a training and hands on experience that will ensure the participants that they can confidently perform the procedures.

This one day workshop will introduce you to the world of skin:

  • Become able to deliver one of the most effective skin technique chemical peeling.
  • Learn to evaluate your patient’s skin type, condition, and tone to assess which chemical peel to use for the best results.
  • Be taught by experienced doctor in a small group.
  • Live demonstrations and practice sessions to gain hands-on practice.

Our Clinical Cosmetology courses are aimed at providing a training that will ensure that the participants can confidently perform the procedures. This workshop on chemicals peels will allow you to become a real skin expert.

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    1. Dear Dr Suraj,the next workshop on Skin & Chemical Peeling is scheduled on 16 December & on 6 January. Kindly contact us on 9867304013 or forward your contact number to send you all the details. Thank you!

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