Inch loss

Inch loss treatments

Losing overall body fat and inch loss is a well understood process and can be implemented by most of us. But reducing weight (losing fat) from specific parts of the body needs a more tailor-made specific regime.

Nowadays we would find thunder thighs, bulging waist, heavy arms, chubby cheeks, fat face, or visible double chin very disturbing since most of us long for that perfectly proportioned body and face. The good news is that technology and science have made it possible to lose inches with and without surgery.


Weight loss and inch lost go together because when you lose a significant amount of weight, you tend to lose inches too. However, it’s possible to lose inches without seeing the scale budge. Take both measurements into consideration when you are considering your health and fitness goals.

Inch loss, in addition to weight loss gives a better picture of your health. Some health risks are directly related to your measurements. A waist size of larger than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women indicates a higher risk of obesity-related diseases, so tracking inch loss off your waist can give you more insight into your disease risk than simply watching the scale.


Ultrasound U lipolysis and Radiofrequency are the most studied and tried-and-tested technologies for inch loss and body contouring. When combined, they increase fat and inch loss while also improving cellulite and loose skin.


Radiofrequency improves the skin texture and tightness. The results are long-term. U-Lipolysis provides lymphatic massage which helps dissipate any residual fat thereby augmenting fat loss. Recent data has shown that this lymphatic massage is vital to promoting and maintaining long-term body contouring.

The treatment is entirely safe, pain-free and risk-free.

Inch-loss for all the problem areas is available, waist, midriff, back, hips, thighs, arms and jowls.

The results are better and long lasting with a Homeopathic trratment, well planned diet, daily 1 hr brisk walking or exercise.

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