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Beauty clinic, NewAge Aesthetics offers different types of chemical peeling treatments to have a never before skin glow.

What is a Chemical peel treatment?

A chemical peel treatment involves application of a chemical solution to the skin that damages the skin in a controlled manner, producing a superficial wound. This wound is repaired by the natural healing process improving the appearance of the skin.

Chemical peels are used to restore a youthful, vibrant appearance to wrinkled, blotchy, sun-damaged, tanned uneven skin. There are three main types of chemical face peels, and each has unique benefits for the skin. The superficial light chemical peel improves acne marks, skin tone and texture, and reduces the effects of sun damage.

The medium chemical peel improves acne, smoothes fine lines and light wrinkles, and corrects pigment problems such as melasma and age spots.

The deep chemical peel helps treat sun-damaged skin, eliminates deep and coarse dynamic wrinkles, and can remove pre-cancerous growths.

Depending on the nature of the skin problem to be treated, the type and the depth of the chemical peel is used either a superficial peel or medium depth peel.

Chemical peels work best on sun damaged skin, tanned, pigmented and dull looking skin. It also works well in acne prone skin.

Chemical peels are often used in combination with other treatments like laser to diminish the signs of sun damage.

The skin is becomes sensitive after a chemical peel hence, it is essential to avoid sun during and after the healing process. Use of sunscreen during the day and a good moisturizer is very important and highly recommended after any cosmetic skin procedure.

After the chemical peel, the appearance of the skin will have a more youthful texture with a uniform coloration.

Chemical peel treatment can be combined with microdermabrasion, a skin polishing treatment that works well together and gives better result.

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