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Permanent hair reduction treatment has been used as a cosmetic treatment since the past decade with increasing popularity. It works well for all areas of the body like the face, chin, arms, and the rest of the body and can effectively reduce unwanted hair permanently with minimal risk.

Permanent Hair Reduction is a solution for the side effects of waxing and shaving like pain, boils, dark spots, ingrown hair. It is absolutely safe, painless, do consider Laser Permanent Hair Reduction for your full body and discover a smother and more beautiful skin.

With permanent hair reduction treatment, the number of growing hairs is significantly reduced. However, it requires series of treatments to maximize the result.  Also, it is virtually impossible to remove every single hair, so technically speaking, you should refer to the process as laser hair reduction rather than hair removal.

In reality a lot of hair is permanently removed but the new hair growth can make it almost impossible to have zero hair, especially in large areas like legs, back etc. A good result is considered getting rid of 85% of all hair in any treated area. Also every year or two a touch up treatment might be necessary.

At NewAge Aesthetics Clinic, our clients are pleased to tell us that Laser Hair Reduction is a very safe, effective, painless and much more cost effective solution.


Myth #1: Permanent hair reduction is painful.

Permanent hair reduction is absolutely painless! Lasers give you a tingling sensation and sometimes you can feel discomfort but you can always adjust the variations and make sure the frequency is not too high. New permanent hair reduction/ removal machines come with in motion technology that works while your technician keeps moving the device so one particular part is not exposed to the laser for too long, which in turn reduces the pain. They also have a cooling tip so as soon as the laser touches your skin the cooling tip soothes it, making the permanent laser hair reduction process virtually painless.

Myth #2: I can not get permanent hair reduction/removal on my bikini line or my private parts.

WRONG! Permanent hair reduction can be done on any part of your body that has hair. For e.g. your face, hands, legs, underarm, chest, back, bikini line and brazilian area can be treated by permanent hair reduction.

Myth #3: I have to let my hair grow for a week before my permanent hair reduction appointment.

Permanent hair reduction laser works on the melanin, the colour pigment in your skin. If you have grown hair it would inhibit the laser process. Also do not wax, pluck or bleach prior to an appointment because they can make the laser ineffective. Make sure you shave before you go for a permanent hair reduction treatment. The reason the hair should be shaved is that it allows more of the laser energy to target the hair follicle below the skin and not the hair.

Myth #4: I have dark skin so permanent hair reduction will not work for me.

New permanent hair reduction technology now work for even dark skin types effectively even on brown and black skin.

Myth #5: Permanent laser hair reduction/removal does not give lasting results.

The hair growth reduces by 50-80% and it sure beats shaving on a daily basis! ! For optimum results, maintenance permanent laser hair reduction treatments every six months or year will help keep the hair gone and your skin smooth.

Myth #6: Permanent Laser hair reduction/removal takes hours.

Permanent hair reduction/removal takes up to half an hour normally depending on the area you are targeting. Permanent hair reduction is way more time saving than electrolysis and almost painless especially in comparison. It also saves time each week by not shaving or waxing every month.

Myth #7: I will immediately be smooth and hairless after a permanent laser hair reduction treatment.

The laser works on the hair follicles and not the hair, so it falls off after a couple of days and you need a series of treatments to see the appreciable result. The end result is generally always satisfactory.

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