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Breasts toning & firming Non- Surgically.

Safe and effective personalised bio-lift treatment for breast toning and firming is available. Restore your breast tone naturally without any surgery.

The result of breast toning treatment depends on your biological age. The treatment is coupled with Electro-muscle stimulation, Intense pulse light, Vaccum and specific exercises to develop and firm the chest muscles and diet. The treatment is safe, effective and the result is long lasting.


Fat and collagen are the main component of breast, and the 690nm wavelength of our IPL machine can stimulate maximum collagen re-grow, breast gland cells and enhance ligament tissues making the breast have a second development.

The IPL treatment will activate the sympathetic nerve which in turn will strengthen the blood pressure of the capillary vessel in the breast and will accelerate the microcirculation.

It is possible to enhance the breast without spending a fortune on surgery. IPL is simply encouraging the body’s natural growth process, It is safe to use and the tone and appearance of the skin will also improve during the treatment.


Intense Pulse Light is one of the safest techniques available, any redness which may occur immediately after the treatment will disappear within a few hours, side effects are minimal, they may include slight local swelling and reddening of the treated area which would normally subside after a few hours.


The normal treatments required would be around 8-10 sessions with a gap of at least 2 weeks between each treatment. You may experience a tingling effect after the first treatment this is normal.

Differences in individual body chemistry will determine how quickly and how effective the treatment is for you personally. The level of treatments varies from person to person. For most women they will see a change in around 5– 8 weeks of treatments, some may see growth or enhancement within this time frame, others outside of this time frame, it all depends on the individual. Changes can vary, however most people will experience a enhancement of the appearance of the breast and a improvement of the skin tone.


It is recommended that you have 8 to 10 session with a 2 to 3 weeks interval between each of your session.


Due to vast differences in our DNA, results will differ from person to person. However, you will see clear results after your 3rd or 4th session. Some women have noticed a difference after just twi treatments.

Some experience slight heaviness to the breasts almost immediately right after the very first IPL session.

Some may have a top up treatment after 6 months to one year.


During your consultation we will discuss how many sessions are needed to treat the area you require as to gain the improvement you want.


  • No Down time.
  • No PAIN. Might feel a warm tingle. That’s it. If you do feel a zap, the settings are to high and will be set lower.
  • No scaring.
  • No risk of cancer due to NATURAL GROWTH.
  • No risk of permanent numbness.
  • No risk of burning due to the dual cooling system
  • Works on any skin complexion.
  • Warn and a fuzzy tingling sensation has been reported after a session.
  • One treatment takes between 10-15 minutes.

Come during your lunch break.
Quiet and tranquil environment.
Does not Cause or cure Cancer!!!!


Time between sessions, are 7-21 days, giving the body time to adjust.


  • Patients with Light Induced Epilepsy.
  • Existing Silicone implants.
  • Expecting or lactating mothers.


  • Be patient!!! It will work. Results will differ. Some faster, some slower.
  • For better and long lasting result, combine the treatment with good diet and chest muscle exercises, like push ups.

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