Homeopathic dermatologist cosmetologist

Homeopathic Dermatologist Cosmetologist


This is Dr Manisha Jadhav. Welcome to NewAge Aesthetics!

New Age Aesthetics is not just another Homeopathic, Skin, Hair, Slimming and Laser hair reduction clinic in Mumbai, but It is a project that I have undertaken to make you healthy, beautiful smooth, sensuous and confident. My aim is to provide patients across the world with an understanding about their skin and hair problems. And to encourage them to understand the treatments that they may be undergoing.

Any doctor in Mumbai like me has a very busy practice. Many of us doctors forget how important it is to listen to the patient and provide answers to the multiple questions that they may have.

I believe in treating the individual, not just the problem. I like to build a relationship with my patients; a warm doctor-patient relationship, like the good old days. Listen to them, answer their queries, help them in making an informed decision about their treatment and then see them through it with good results.

I believe in offering my patients the best and most advanced skin care, skin whitening treatment, or skin lightening treatment and hair care, hair growth, hair regrowth treatments available globally. Patented research products and skin care brands that have a robust research backing help in achieving the desired results safely, quickly and effectively.

Welcome to my world of beauty achieved through cutting edge scientific research. Let’s make this journey towards beauty a beautiful success!

Keep looking beautiful!

Dr. Manisha Jadhav MD(Hom), FCHD(Hom Dermatology)

Homeopathic dermatologist Cosmetologist